Hardware Error 03130031 on Canon imagePROGRAF Plotter - What Does this mean?

Canon imagePROGRAF Hardware Error 03130031 Introduction

When your Canon imagePROGRAF Plotter is stuck with an on-screen hardware error 0313003, you need to call the service center to get assistance to get your Canon large format printer back into working state. In this printer service guide, we will give you some ideas to decode Hardware Error 03130031 and its subcodes of the 4 digits in the end. You can Buy Printer Spare Parts from here

Canon imagePROGRAF Hardware Error 03130031

Decoding the Error 03130031

Since we have detailed documentation about this error, it will be easier for you to diagnose the error. The hard part is, this error is closely related to the 'print head' and in most cases, you need to replace it to fix the plotter. To diagnose the error in the right way, we need subcode, which is the last four characters of the error code followed by 03130031, for example, '2F51'. The whole error code will look like this, 03130031-2F51. Ca't find the subcode? Contact us for plotter repair in Dubai

Now you know how to find the sub error code, But how to understand the meaning of the 4-digit code followed by 03130031?

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Hardware Error 03130031 Codes and their Meaning

The 03130031-[Sub Code] error codes are about 45 variants. They all have different meanings and here is how to clear/fix them.

Below are the list of Hardware Error 03130031 Codes

  03130031-260E – Gap detection failure  

  03130031-2618 – VH voltage error  

  03130031-290A – HDD not connected/not detected  

  03130031-291B – Lift shift timeout  

  03130031-291D – Spur cam sensor detector failure  

  03130031-2E23 – Cutter unit failure  

  03130031-2F13 – A/D converter external trigger output stop  

  03130031-2F14 – ASIC register not writable  

  03130031-2F16 – Mist fan error  

  03130031-2F17 – Platen fan lock detection error  

  03130031-2F1F – Purge sensor error  

  03130031-2F20 – Cap motor cam positioning error  

  03130031-2F22 – Pump shift timeout  

  03130031-2F23 – Purge motor error  

  03130031-2F24 – Cutter shift timeout error  

  03130031-2F25 – Carriage motor HP not detectable  

  03130031-2F26 – Carriage Motion Error  

  03130031-2F27 – Carriage shift timeout  

  03130031-2F28 – Lift shift timeout  

  03130031-2F2A – Cannot detect the LF home position  

  03130031-2F2B – LF operation failure  

  03130031-2F2C – Cassette shift timeout  

  03130031-2F2E – Roll shift timeout  

  03130031-2F3A – Ink supply valve open/close monitor timeout  

  03130031-2F3B – CS communication error  

  03130031-2F3C – LP nip sensor error  

  03130031-2F3D – HP pre-ejection pump motor overload error  

  03130031-2F3E – HP pre-ejection pump motor shift timeout  

  03130031-2F3F – An error other than overload error or shift timeout error  

  03130031-2F46 – The shutter HP sensor did not respond at startup  

  03130031-2F48 – VHT (heater drive power supply for printhead) error  

  03130031-2F49 – Left side printhead  

  03130031-2F4A – Main controller PCB error  

  03130031-2F4D – VHT leak detection error of left printhead  

  03130031-2F4E – VHT leak detection error of right printhead  

  03130031-2F4F – VHT leak detection error of left and right printhead or a single printhead  

  03130031-2F50 – Right side printhead  

  03130031-2F51 – Both printheads  

  03130031-2F52 – Detect that a carriage unit of a legacy model has been mounted  

  03130031-2F53 – Supply valve motor error of the left ink tank  

  03130031-2F54 – Supply valve motor error of the right ink tank  

  03130031-2F6C – Failed self-testing  

  03130031-2F70 – Indication at ink priming error in both sub tanks  

  03130031-2F71 – Indication at ink priming error in the left sub tank  

  03130031-2F72 – Indication at ink priming error in the right sub tank  

  03130031-4027 – Lift shift timeout error

How to fix Canon imagePROGRAF Hardware Error 03130031

Fixing Canon imagePROGRAF Hardware Error 03130031 can be a simple power-cycle or a replacement of very expensive spare parts. The first thing you need to do is to make sure there isn't any paper stuck inside the Canon imagePROGRAF Plotter. And that the carriage assembly is in the docked state on the right side hand side of the plotter. You can verify this by opening the top cover or the Canon imagePROGRAF Plotter.

The second step is to turn off the Canon Plotter by pressing the power button. You should NEVER unplug the Plotter power code while it is 'ON'. Once you turn the power off, turn the plotter 'ON' in the usual way. If it clears the error message, consider you are lucky and continue your print job as usual. 

If the steps as mentioned above, don't fix the error, you will need to may need to call Plotter Service Center in Dubai.

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