DTF Hot Melt Adhesive White Powder - Transfer Adhesive

DTF Hot Melt Adhesive White Powder - Transfer Adhesive

DTF Adhesive powders are carefully formulated to use with DTF (Direct to Film) printers. The adhesive powders comes in 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg packs. - In Stock

Shipping Abailable to: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar

Soft DTF Adhesive Powder - Specifications

Particle size of the powder is 80-170um, it is easy to melt, soft and smooth it is transfered to textile/fabric. Soft DTF adhesive powder is suitable for smooth and flat fabrics/textils, such as T-shirts, sweaters, sweaters, polo shirts

Rough DTF Adhesive Powder - Specifications

Particle size of Rough DTF Adhesive Powder is 120–250 and it is very easy to melt. After transferring to the fabric, the way it feels on hand is obvious. Rough DTF PowderIt is suitable to print on rough to very rough fabrics, such as denim cloths, non-woven fabrics, and linen cloths.


Anti-stretch DTF Adhesive Powder- Specifications

Anti-stretch Direct to Film Adhesive Powder comes in fine granules and it is easy to melt. The transfered product is stretch-resistant therefor suitable for stretch fabrics

Anti-sublimation DTF Adhesive powder- Specifications

Anti-sublimation DTF powder is used to block clothing's colors or patterns that may therwise visible through transfer. Anti-sublimation powder is easy to melt, making it suitable for printing on dark color fabrics.

Breathable DTF Adhesive powder - Specifications

Breathable powder provides a more breathable print with a smooth and soft feel.



The feel of transfered clothes depends on the type of DTF transfer adhesive powder you use and the thickness and quality of your DFT ink layer. Our soft and stretchy DTF transfer powders has a better hand feel than traditional vinyl or other types of heat transfer mediums. Our DTF powder is elastic and soft to the touch.

Our DTF transfer powders are slow-drying for better finish and easy for cold-tearing and will help you get excellent transfer printing results.